Welcome everyone! I’m glad you found my site. My name is Justin, I’m a trained practitioner of transformational energy healing, and I mostly help people to:

a) Connect deeply to the earth and their bodies, resolving the fear and resistance many of us feel to being physically alive and human
b) To heal the split between ‘spirituality’ (which is often very developed) and personality (which is often un-loved). In other words, bridging the perceived gap between our spirituality and our humanity.

I began my spiritual journey 19 years ago, and finished my 4 year training in profound healing techniques and intensive inner transformation at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2011, and my 3 year training in shamanic practice and healing with Patricia White Buffalo in 2016. My journey has been one of first opening to the world of spirit, then in trusting the earth, and finally in bridging the two to find my inner point of balance and connection.

The people I work with tend to have had journeys similar to mine, so we relate to each other as kindred spirits and understand each other easily. No need to awkwardly dance around topics like ‘chakras’, ‘past lives’, ‘parallel lives’, and so on. Straight to the good stuff!

I work with individuals who know they are “spiritual beings having a human experience”. The work I do helps people trust the earth, trust other humans, trust the planet, and trust themselves. I do this by training/teaching people, and with hands on healing work, energetically clearing and strengthening the grounding connection to the earth, and then upwelling the spiritual core from within. Of course, lot’s of other things happen along the way- chakra healings, relational cord work, etheric template work etc; but those are means to an end.

The ‘end’ is feeling like the whole and integrated person you truly are.

I may be of help for you if you resonate with one or more of these things:

  • You are in touch with your spiritual side, but it feels separate from the ‘normal’ world, not as part of one seamless whole. You’re beginning to want to integrate the spiritual and non-spiritual to find more balance and wholeness. You might even be challenging the idea that there’s a difference between ‘spiritual’ and ‘non-spiritual’
  • You think of yourself as ‘ungrounded’, or your spiritual friends keep advising you to work on your ‘grounding’ (what does that even mean? Tree root visualisations or something?)
  • You long to feel and be in contact with your true essence– the deep and essential part of you that is divinely and uniquely you, no matter what external circumstance you find yourself in
  • You find being human and having a physical body a mixed bag of experiences ranging from amazing to terrifying, and would like to feel safer being on earth, and have more trust in your ability to hold all of life’s experiences
  • You are becoming conscious of how you hold your traumas (birth trauma, abuse trauma, relationship trauma, injury/illness trauma, or general non-specific trauma) and you feel ready to let go of some of it (even if only a little bit. That’s still ok)
  • You want a healer that will be very gentle with you, and go at your own pace, respecting all of your needs and boundaries, who believes in empowering you to be your own healer by holding sessions with you rather than ‘doing’ healings to you

I recommend you start here, if you’d like to get a feel for my take on grounding, and the blog is quite fun, too. At least, I had (and have!) fun writing it.