Getting Grounded

Here are the common ways people know of to get grounded. Maybe you’ve been told them before?

  • Going for a walk, preferably in nature
  • Walking barefoot on grass
  • Spending some time with/in nature
  • Eating something, especially root vegetables (carbs) or something sweet, in emergencies
  • Imagining tree roots coming out of the feet, or anchors, or imagining you are a tree
  • Doing mindful exercises like yoga or tai chi

These things are helpful, and have their place. They’re also more like ‘ways of grounding’ than ‘ways of deepening your grounding’. A subtle but important difference- it’s the latter which is actually the most important, as it’s what improves grounding. The former is what you do in the moment when you are feeling ungrounded; the latter is what you do later on, as part of your spiritual practice, to build and expand your capacity to experience groundedness.

Does that make sense?


I don’t recommend that you rely on what is mostly a ‘mental’ practice (such as: affirmations, belief systems work, or visualisations) to get you grounded. I also don’t recommend relying on sporadic trips into the garden, or a weekly chi gong class, to be enough to address ‘grounding’ in your life. That would be like having one good meal a week, and eating junk food the rest of it, if you had the goal of having a healthy diet.

What I do recommend is:

a) you take on several practices and methods for grounding, methods you enjoy

b) you consider the process of grounding as a healing journey.

And that’s what it is- a journey, rather than a destination. It’s also a way of life, almost. It certainly is a spiritual philosophy (very different to much popular new-age philosophy, which focuses on ascension. More on that later)



  • Vibrational remedies (flower essences, gem elixirs, etc)
  • Massages, especially deep massages like rolfing; also structural bodywork
  • Core-energetics, bio-energetics and other body-centred psychotherapy
  • Family constellations therapy
  • Ancestral healing work
  • Shamanic healing (soul retrievals)
  • Energy healing
  • Eating fresh, locally grown seasonal food
  • Eating more legumes and root vegetables


When I work with people, I use transformational energy healing, vibrational remedies and shamanic healing, all to help them deepen their grounding. And I do grounding coaching (grouching?), bringing in the other points as needed.

So, that’s it for the introduction.

What next?

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