“I received a long distance healing from Justin. I was very touched by our phone contact before the healing, where I felt deeply listened to. Justin was very present and caring, in a soft and gentle way, giving me all the space I needed. This feeling continued during the healing. After the healing, I felt very peaceful, harmonious and whole.” Anne-Chantal Misson, psychotherapist and healer

“From deep within my heart, I am thanking you for the core essence healing. I feel connected again. I now have the strength to open my healing practice and receive the clients who are drawn to me. Emotionally I feel free, peaceful and connected. The pain that I had been feeling has now gone. Thank you Justin for all the love you gave me.” M, healer

“I received a healing session from Justin for a problem with my back. During the session, I could feel the depth of the work being done, touching into my physical body, but also my feelings and how this problem with my back is related to how I am with other people socially. During the 2 weeks since the session, I have felt my back getting stronger and with less pain, and at the moment I don´t feel that I have a problem anymore. Thanks a lot Justin!” Hans Nielsen, massage therapist