What is Grounding?

If you’re reading this website (and welcome, by the way!) you probably are wanting some help with grounding – figuring out what it is, wanting to become more grounded, or both.

The next couple of pages will give you a wee insight into my perspective on grounding. I hope it’ll be useful!

To start with, grounding is not the same thing as centering. Being in the moment, in the here and now, is great, and is part of grounding and being grounded, but isn’t the whole caboodle (especially in terms of “getting grounded”), not by a long shot.

So what is grounding, what does getting grounded involve?

Grounding is connection to the earth.

You probably already knew that, right?

In practice, it’s a few different things:

  • Open, charged, vibrant root and sacral chakras, that take in lots of lovely earth energy
  • Connection and contact with the physical body, especially the lower half (feet, legs and pelvis)
  • Energetic connection with the earth: deep roots from the feet and root chakra, into our spiritual momma
  • Slow vibration: being in resonance with the earth

And there’s a couple of extra things that need to be addressed for the above to happen:

  • Releasing deep, cellular (and maybe also ancestrally inherited, or from past lives) fear and trauma
  • Healing and releasing the energetic blocks in the lower half of the body and aura that inhibit the flow of earth energy

Grounding work (or play!) can either be immediate (I think of that as first aid) or it can be long term.

If a person is in shock, I wouldn’t tell them to go and have some intensive therapy about their strained parental relationships. I’d give them a cup of hot chocolate, and pass them the potato chips. That’s what they need in the moment.

However, if someone senses or knows about themselves (or is frequently told by other people) that they need to improve their grounding, eating chocolate won’t help them. Even if it’s yummy, organic fair trade dark chocolate. Even if it’s raw chocolate (ok. Raw chocolate will help slightly. But only slightly.). What such a person needs is help in shifting their relationship to the earth and their body, and support in healing and integrating what comes up when that energetic relationship changes.

As well as an energetic state, groundedness/ungroundedness (actually it’s more of an endless continuum, as there is no absolute ‘grounded’ or ‘ungrounded’ state) is a state of mind, a life philosophy. It can say either “I’m here! I’m alive! I love life, I love nature, I love my body! I love humanity, warts and all! I am safe, I’m present.” or it can say “Can I be a spirit again please?”

As a healer and grounding teacher, my main interest is in long term grounding – things and ways that help deepen the capacity for grounding, rather than the first aid.

… Is this enough to give you a taste of what grounding is and means?

Read the next page – why is grounding important?