Why is Grounding Important?

Oh gosh, where to start.

For spiritually well-developed people, grounding is usually the most important (as in, most neglected) area of their lives. It’s right up there with “learning not to put your self last” and “being open to being loved and receiving love”. But it has the added importance of being the energetic and spiritual foundation of our beings.

No pressure or anything.

I quite like lists, so here is a list of things which directly come from, or are intimately linked with, grounding.

  • Life force: the energies of the root chakra and the earth are our most primal and vital energies. An ungrounded life is a life mostly not lived, not engaged with.
  • Safety, presence & belonging: feeling safe and secure on earth and the global tribe is a function of the root chakra. Good grounding is synonymous with feeling and knowing that you belong, and are safely held in the human community.
  • Healthy, adapted living in the world – being able to operate in the three dimensional world with structures such as time, having a job, paying taxes, doing necessary paperwork – being able to be “in the world” is very much a function of the root chakra
  • Pleasure, joy & ecstasy: related to life force- the state of joy and pleasure is a natural one, and our birthright. The very sensation of pleasure requires us to be embodied; connecting deeper into our bodies (ie, grounding deeper) opens up the channels for us to feel more of life’s richness.
  • FABULOUS PSYCHIC POWERS!!!! No, not really. But kinda. All ‘psychic’ abilities like clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience are to do with sensing energy, via our energetic sensory organs, which are the chakras. Although the traditional psychic sensing chakras are the upper three (throat, 3rd eye, crown) their ability to take in energy is limited by how much energy your whole system can handle. Opening the root and sacral chakra more, and developing deeper grounding, is the single best way I know of to increase and work with psychic sensitivity. Also, ALL the chakras are sensory organs. You don’t “see” with the root (rather, you sense kinisthetically with it), but it builds up part of the psychic picture. ‘Seeing’ without grounding is lopsided, and prone to projection and fantasy. It isn’t always very ‘real’.

That’s probably enough for now- I imagine I’m preaching to the converted, somewhat :-)

Next stop- how to get grounded.