Essences for grounding

This is a follow up to my blog post using essences for grounding.

Please read it first if you aren’t familiar with the world of vibrational medicine- I introduce what essences are, how to use them, and what the difference is between homeopathic remedies and essences. I don’t want to plaigerise from myself by copying and pasting the info here, so go and read the first post, then come back to this one. OK? OK. :-)


So, what essences/remedies should we use for grounding?

A very good question! The simple answer is that any essence can be used for grounding. That’s not what you wanted to hear though, right? And it probably sounds flaky or wishy-washy.

So, a more technical answer…

The essences and remedies we use for grounding are ones that work in one of the following ways:

1) They release shock and trauma from cellular consciousness

2) They bring energy down into the lower half of the body (pelvis, legs, feet, 1st and 2nd chakras)

3) They improve the relationship to nature and the earth

I’ve numbered them, but they’re not in a particular order- those are simply the three aspects of what ‘grounding’ work actually is (releasing the fear of being physically present, coming down into the body, and connecting with the earth). It doesn’t matter what ‘order’ those aspects are addressed. In any case, it’s more like a spiral/cyclical healing process that never ends, just takes us deeper and deeper into ourselves. Yay!

So, here are my recommendations for vibrational remedies for grounding. Many are from the Alaskan range, which is what I’m most familiar with. Besides, the whole range is vibrationally very appropriate for grounding.

NB. This is NOT an exhaustive list! Just a mini-one. For list lovers, who like essences. And grounding.


Remedies for releasing shock and trauma

Most important is arnica! Everyone’s favourite homeopathic remedy. I recommend taking a high potency (in the forget about the C’s, I’m talking about M’s!). Because of it’s usefulness in working with shock and injury, it helps the body and system let go of deeply held trauma. Well, it does if you take a high potency. It’s the healing of this kind of ‘trauma signature’ which is so important in helping us live fully in our bodies, grounded.

Essence combinations (ready made):

Remedies for connecting with and energising the lower half of the body

I highly recommend crystal essences here, because of how strongly they resonate with the physical level..

  • Bloodstone, “brings a stronger flow of earth energies into the 1st and 2nd chakras; stimulates the release of emotional energies that have been stuck in the lower chakras”
  • Cinnabar, “for the clearing of ancient karmic energy stuck in the lower chakras of the body and in the subtle bodies of the earth; works with the feet chakras to increase the flow of energy coming from the earth into the legs and up into the body”
  • Green Jasper, “Reconnects body rhythms with earthly rhythms when there has been a disruption to the natural flow”
  • Malachite, “grounds and helps align and harmonize the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of being”
  • Ruby, “energizes and balances the 1st chakra and supports the ability to ground spiritual energy into the physical body”

Remedies for healing the relationship with the earth and nature

  • Club Moss, “Supports us in making a direct, present time connection to the Earth”
  • Green Bells of Ireland, “opens our conscious awareness to the light and intelligence present in nature; strengthens the energetic connection between the physical body and the earth”
  • Green Bog Orchid, “supports the development of a heart connection with others and with the nature kingdoms”
  • Grove Sandwort, “helps us establish clear energetic communication with the earth; supports a nurturing relationship between the earth and all living beings”

And finally, in case those three categories feel too specific;

General grounding tonics

  • Windflower, “for being scattered and spaced out”
  • Turtle, “For experiencing deep grounding and Oneness with the Earth.”
  • Hippopotamus, “Provides deep grounding and powerful support for facing unresolved emotional issues”


Happy grounding :-)

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