Essential oils for grounding

Ahhh, essential oils. So good.

There’s a shortish list of things that people typically use aromatherapy oils for. Relaxation is probably top of that list, followed by sensuality, and rehabilitation.

But you can absolutely (pun intended) use oils for almost any purpose you can imagine. From manifesting to spiritual therapy, the plant kingdom is here to support you.

When it comes to grounding, oils are especially neat (another aromatherapy pun!), as they exist physically; they don’t just interact with your energetic being, but really do work their way into the cells of your body. They integrate with you physically. That’s of great use for grounding, which is a physical experience as much as an energetic one.

I’ll give a wee list of the oils I recommend. As with essences, there are two ‘approaches’ to grounding you can take with oils:

  1. Oils to heal physical/emotional trauma, to release cellular fear
  2. Oils to introduce earthy energy into the system

There isn’t a ‘right’ way to approach those 2 broad categories of oils. Personally I go back and forth between the two, but use the first category way more. My system still yearns for gentleness and to be nourished in that way, even after many years of self-healing. Your system may be different. See what feels right for you.

I’ll suggest a few ways to use them. But feel very free to be creative :-)


Oils to heal physical/emotional trauma, to release cellular fear

These are soothing oils, which help the emotions to heal and the body to release it’s “fight or flight” response (ie, fear).

Lavendar, chamomile, rose, geranium, jasmine, marjoram, ylang ylang. (by no means an exhaustive list, but these are my favourites. Especially the first three)


Oils to introduce earthy energy into the system

These are typical ‘root chakra’ oils. Some can be a bit too stimulating- I wouldn’t recommend black pepper or ginger, for example. Many of the best oils for grounding, in my experience, come from trees- the energy of trees being so perfect for grounding.

Oakmoss, sandalwood, cypress, elemi, cedarwood, patchouli and rosewood.


And the good bit: ways of applying them

Spraying: get an amber or cobalt blue glass misting bottle (neals yard remedies sell them, otherwise order from the internet). You don’t want plastic, as oils will errode the plastic. And you want a dark glass to protect the oils inside. Fill it with spring or filtered water, and add a few drops of your chosen oils. A couple of drops each would do it. And then, mist! Mist to your hearts content! Mist your rooms, your clothes, your bed sheets, your plants, your curtains, and most importantly, yourself. Misting your environment helps introduce the beneficial energies your system needs in an ambient, supportive way. Misting yourself directly is very important, but is it of that much help if the energy of where you hang out is discordant with you?

Bathing: add a couple of drops of your oils to the bath water, and then luxuriate.

On your body: most oils you can’t add neat, so dilute them in some carrier oil. A good sunflower seed or olive oil will do. The concentration is up to you- I would add 1-3 drops of each oil into a 20 ml bottle of carrier oil. You can then anoint your body (good places are chakras), massage yourself, or receive a massage from another. Yay! You can also put the oils into a tub of cream, and moisturise with it. This is an especially good thing to do as a foot cream- it means you can get into a routine of massaging your feet daily (or whenever you do it). The touch alone is great for grounding to release the blocked foot energy and fear, and the addition of the essential oils just adds more to the healing panache. Plus, the symbolic act of massaging your own feet, of taking your own self-healing into your own hands, is very great.

Washing machine: add a couple of drops to the powder or gel when you wash clothes.


That’s it for now. Make oils work for you by using them in ways you enjoy. Explore how oils make you feel, how they affect you. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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Happy grounding, Justin

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