Healing for Grounding on tour

Just a short post- Geena from Diary of a Psychic Healer invited me to write a guest blog about grounding, which I have duly accepted. It took many months of procrastination 😉   It’s a summary / introduction to the world of grounding. It’s lovely to reach a different audience with this message   Without […]

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Unity, schmunity

Fired up by my recent discussions of non-duality with Henrik Nordmark, and my own increasing awareness of spiritual by-pass as a “thing”, I have inspiration for a blog about unity consciousness. (more…)

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aromatherapy oils for grounding

Essential oils for grounding

Ahhh, essential oils. So good. There’s a shortish list of things that people typically use aromatherapy oils for. Relaxation is probably top of that list, followed by sensuality, and rehabilitation. But you can absolutely (pun intended) use oils for almost any purpose you can imagine. From manifesting to spiritual therapy, the plant kingdom is here […]

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maitreya pyramid hat

Crazy new-age pyramid hats

In 2011, I returned as an adult (in more ways than one) to the craziness of the London Mind-Body-Spirit festival, for the first time in several years (the last time I’d been, I was a teenager; initiated into the far-out, but not yet into the far-in). One of the most interesting stalls was for a […]

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Rene Magritte - The future of statues

Signs that you might be ungrounded

Here’s a not very serious (and yet also, fairly accurate) list of signs that might indicate less-than-ideal levels of grounding. Making a quiz out of this seemed silly! So I didn’t. But if more than a small handful of these describe you, that’s a good indicator that you can usefully work on your grounding (big […]

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apothecary bottles

Essences for grounding

This is a follow up to my blog post using essences for grounding. Please read it first if you aren’t familiar with the world of vibrational medicine- I introduce what essences are, how to use them, and what the difference is between homeopathic remedies and essences. I don’t want to plaigerise from myself by copying […]

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Skin Lightening

Ascension: skin lightening for spiritual types

Whenever I hear/read about ascension, or the 2012 type evolution of humanity (the kind that involves awakening the light body, integrating the merkabah, becoming crystalline entities, etc), I can’t help thinking about skin lightening products. ie, solutions for problems we don’t really have, that speak more about our dislike of ourselves as we are than […]

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