Drumming: always good for grounding? Not for Indigos.

Today I went to an event called “Drumming For Grounding” with my friend Isabella. There were about 25 of us in a loose circle, using drums and percussion instruments, moving, dancing, stomping. There were breaks for breathing, some guided singing/chanting, and a bit of relaxation. The facilitator was a lovely warm Nigerian woman with a […]

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How I learned to stop worrying, and love the bataka

“So what’s the story with your father?” Laurie’s question came out of the blue, but somehow I knew she was going to ask it. We were sitting outside; she was helping me recover after I fainted, post grounding-work-out. I shared with her some information about my parent’s divorce, and how I didn’t have a good […]

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Moses and the Ten Commandments

Belief systems & grounding

We all know how important belief systems are to our psychological makeup, and how strongly we are impacted by them. But how often do we examine them, beyond the constellation of obvious Self-Help style beliefs about abundance and/or self-worth? When do we tease out the underlying psychological currents that subconsciously (or even consciously) influence and […]

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Using essences for grounding

I love essences. Can’t get enough of them. They’re a fabulous tool for self-development and healing. And very easy to use: just a few drops under your tongue (or put on your wrists, or sprayed into your aura). In this post, I’ll introduce essences, and describe how they can be used for grounding, and why […]

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Healing for Grounding is go!

The website is now up. Hooray! I’ll be adding some lovely content in the not too distant future- blog posts and videos about things like: grounding: what it is, why it’s important, finding out ways that work for you… the new age and ascension movement: how bad habits and limiting beliefs from the ‘old’ spiritual […]

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