Signs that you might be ungrounded

Here’s a not very serious (and yet also, fairly accurate) list of signs that might indicate less-than-ideal levels of grounding. Making a quiz out of this seemed silly! So I didn’t. But if more than a small handful of these describe you, that’s a good indicator that you can usefully work on your grounding (big deal- most of the western world can work on its grounding..!). If just one of these affects you, but affects you very strongly in your life, even that is sign enough to get to work on earthing yourself.




  • You step on things. Painful things.
  • You clip door frames and corners etc with your shoulders or arms. This is because of what Barbara Brennan calls ‘being beside yourself’, an energetic sideways displacement
  • You aren’t very coordinated. This is because there isn’t enough energy/consciousness at the extremities of the aura
  • You injure yourself fairly frequently because you are accident prone.
  • You often get cold hands and/or cold feet. But especially cold feet



  • You are fearful about the frailty or vulnerability of your physical body
  • You get the heebie-jeebies with images of surgery and/or flesh wounds
  • You’re scared of heights. Alexander Lowen, originator of Bio Energetics, says fear of heights is due to a poor energetic connection with the lower half of the body
  • You’re scared of nature (for example, I’m scared of stepping on sharp things when I go swimming in the sea..)
  • You feel scared of people, sometimes even going to the extremes of crossing a street or locking your car door when people walk past



  • You’re quite intellectual, or at least, intellectually focused- you like to think things through, figure them out, etc (being ‘in the head’)
  • You like to think you’re “above” the pettiness of anger, or selfishness, cruelty, or whatever it is that bugs you about other people



  • You daydream a lot: much time is spent in the world of ideas, imagination, spirit..
  • You’re very drawn to OBE’s and astral projection, more than you are to IBE’s (Inside the Body Experiences) and exploring contact with nature
  • You suspect you’re a star seed, and have more curiosity about and love towards your ‘originator’ species than you do with your current one
  • You are more interested in your past lives than in your current life
  • You are more drawn to the ‘high’ (and essentially, non-human) spiritual: ascended masters, angels, guides etc, than you are to the knitty-gritty of humanity
  • At times, you have more psychic sensitivity than you can handle


There we go.


I’ll write another post about this in the future, but much of these ‘signs’ are simply descriptions of the schizoid wound. That’s a term borrowed from body therapies (Bio Energetics and Core Energetics, etc) to describe the effects of early trauma on a person, the result of a chronic low-level ‘flight’ response (for a baby, ‘flight’ means astral flight).


Until next time..

2 Responses to Signs that you might be ungrounded

  1. patricia 08 October, 2014 at 3:48 pm #

    Thanks for this list! I started out realizing I was ungrounded somewhere…The thought lead me here! I din’t really know there were different areas of being ungrounded? I am def 100% ungrounded emtionally! :) You helped steer me in a great direction to start! :)

    • Justin 08 October, 2014 at 4:03 pm #

      You’re welcome Patricia! And I’m glad you found it here 😀 I hope there are some useful things here for you, and I’m writing more blogs now (I took a long holiday from blogging, for many months!)
      Being grounded/ungrounded exists at all levels of our being – this is just a list of the symptoms of being ungrounded, and I grouped them in this way just to make it a bit easier to read and understand :-)
      Almost all of them are, or used to be, true for me, hehe!
      I bet you are emotionally grounded in some ways – for example, if you can listen to a friend’s difficult story without sympathy, then you are being present and emotionally grounded for them.
      All these signs point to, is that there’s some fearful energy in your system, which is true for everyone! But some people are more sensitive to that than others. If you’re not naturally very grounded, you’re probably one of the sensitive types! 😀

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