“When I imagine grounding roots going down, they just come up again”

“When I imagine roots going down, they just come up again”. This is what someone said at a psychic protection workshop I went to recently. Actually they were imagining anchor chains; I changed it to roots, because that’s a more popular visualisation.

I thought, “Ha. I remember that.”

It’s the plight of grounders everywhere! Roots that retract! Anchors that automatically weigh in! Connections that curl up!

I never found visualisations that helpful. Nowadays I can make them work for me- but that’s because I’ve learned how to take myself out of my head into my body (which is where the juice is), and use intention rather than strained concentration. Even so, visualisation isn’t my favourite tool. Let me explain why.

Firstly, it goes against the grain. Doing a visualisation (or affirmation) for grounding is saying: “I am grounded!”. But that’s the mind talking. The body and subconscious are saying “Nu-uh!”. The body remembers the traumatic birth, the times you’ve injured yourself, etc; and the subconscious is filled with fear. Fear that affirmations, visualisations & tapping don’t easily reach, because it’s deeply held. Fear from past lives; fear from ancestral heritage; fear from the human collective consciousness. Visualising yourself to be grounded, when you are an ungrounded person, is an uphill struggle. It’s a battle you can’t win. And if Abraham-Hicks has taught me anything, it’s to surrender those battles, and go with the flow :-)

Secondly, the ‘root’ of ungroundedness isn’t in the mind. What are visualisations? They’re mental activity. All things exist on all levels- ungroundedness/groundedness does also exist on the mental plane, as beliefs about yourself, and your own safety, etc. So there is some benefit in engaging your mind. But, logically, mental activity can’t provide a solution to a problem that goes deeper than the level of thought.

… People do sometimes talk about the power of visualisation as a creative force, and that energy flows where attention is focused, etc. And it’s true.

But (and it’s a big but, a great big elephant in the room) when most people do visualisation, they aren’t doing it in the way that mystics or occult adepts do it, in an embodied way, in touch with their indwelling creative essence. They’re doing so in a mental way. Usually the best that westerners manage is that they make a thought form. At worse, they just add to their congenitally over-charged thinking faculties. The head swells with extra energy; the pelvis, legs, ankles and feet remain neglected.

To put it more simply: when it comes to grounding, doing a visualisation is usually adding to the problem.

The bright yellow aura here (not mine, by the way!) is typical of this; visualisation usually just creates mental energy (which is yellow) rather than doing what you’re wanting it to. Apparently there’s a phrase for that; “doing it in yellow”.

I’ve got a few alternatives to visualisations- you can find them here. In the meantime- do some ankle rotations. Massage your feet (especially the souls), with some earthy essential oils. Relax your butt and pelvic floor. Breathe deeply and gently. Lie on some grass.

I’ll make a blog post soon about how to ‘effectively’ do grounding visualisations. It will probably involve invoking Gaia :-)

Love as always, Justin (and please share this with your spiritual hommies- there’s a share bar top left, to make it easy!)

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2 Responses to “When I imagine grounding roots going down, they just come up again”

  1. Muneerah 17 August, 2012 at 10:06 am #

    Really liking your info on grounding, and I kinda have had this happen before where the roots come up again lol I’m an empath who needs lots of grounding and recently I started doing it again, usually what works the best is sensing my feet esp underneath it then tingles and I feel the chakra under it open, quite nice. I wanted to ask if your in an environment where negative energies are constantly being brought in (as in being affected by intentional negative vibes being sent to someone else but it effects you) can you be grounded enough to the point it doest effect you anymore? Iv even been playing around with the idea to start taking ssri drugs since I heard it numbs sensitive people when energies become too much.

  2. Justin 17 August, 2012 at 10:35 pm #

    Hi Muneerah,

    Thanks so much for your comment!

    Feeling into the feet and foot chakras is ace, I do it quite a lot too

    About negative energies, ahh that’s an interesting one. Grounding is part of it, but not the whole story. Just as grounding is made up of a few things (… the intention to live life, enjoyment of the body, a good relationship with nature and the earth, etc) so does what you’re raising have a few parts.

    Off the top of my head, they are..

    Energetic boundaries
    Cleansing the physical space

    Each of them is important, and inter-related.

    If you’re able to spend less time in that environment? I always recommend Byron Katy’s “the work” (you can google it, it’s there for free on her website, or get her book “Loving What Is”), and do ‘the work’ on this. When you let go of the tension around it, that’s half the battle won already.

    If you like using essences, I highly recommend two Alaskan combos,

    “Purification” and “Guardian”. If you get the stock bottles, you can then make up spray bottles from them, so you can mist yourself (and hopefully the space as well) a few times a day, for a couple of weeks. The stock lasts for a LONG time, as you only need a few drops every time you make up a dosage bottle or mister.

    SSRIs are interesting. They definitely have their place. I’m not sure if they reduce the sensitivity, I think they just numb it, if you can appreciate the difference. In other words, if your sensitivity is alerting you to something which isn’t good for your system, then taking SSRI’s doesn’t stop you being affected. You’ll still be soaking up the vibes. If you do take SSRIs, you can still take flower essences and do inner-work or whatever it is you’d do anyway, so don’t feel that it has to be one or the other! I’m very big on ‘integrative’ medicine, where we use many tools for broad healing.

    I hope that helps!

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