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london drum baths flyer winter 2014

Upcoming grounding drum baths (winter ’14)

I’ll be giving a few healing drum baths this winter, to which anyone who wants to come, can come They’re like microcosms of my grounding workshops, although they’re purely experiential, no theory (except wee bits of teaching that I squeeze in sneakily with the excersices!) They involve movement through dance and bioenergetics excersices, to free […]

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ouchie finger bandage

Falling in love with life

As much as I enjoy individual elements of life – good food, Star Trek, chocolate, music, live comedy, etc – I am, much of the time, only a door frame or accidentally-stepping-on-a-sharp-object away from hating life, and feeling outrage and betrayal at a God who would create a world in which nothing seems to work […]

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electrical current

The difference between Earthing and Grounding

Hi everyone I’ve been hearing a lot about earthing mats and earthing in general recently. Did Dr Mercola name do a thing about them? They seemed to have had a burst of popularity. I’ve had a few questions asking about whether earthing is what I do. From my perspective, earthing and grounding (as I understand […]

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Visualisations for grounding: yay or nay?

Nay. Sorry folks, if you’re big fans of the ol’ visualising..! I’ll explain myself a little. So – there are two reasons why visualising is meant to work, for grounding, or anything: 1) “Energy flows where attention goes”. 2) The idea that visualising kinda ‘creates’ things, spiritually speaking. That it makes things happen. In this […]

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Rene Magritte - The future of statues

Signs that you might be ungrounded

Here’s a not very serious (and yet also, fairly accurate) list of signs that might indicate less-than-ideal levels of grounding. Making a quiz out of this seemed silly! So I didn’t. But if more than a small handful of these describe you, that’s a good indicator that you can usefully work on your grounding (big […]

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Using essences for grounding

I love essences. Can’t get enough of them. They’re a fabulous tool for self-development and healing. And very easy to use: just a few drops under your tongue (or put on your wrists, or sprayed into your aura). In this post, I’ll introduce essences, and describe how they can be used for grounding, and why […]

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