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Falling in love with life

As much as I enjoy individual elements of life – good food, Star Trek, chocolate, music, live comedy, etc – I am, much of the time, only a door frame or accidentally-stepping-on-a-sharp-object away from hating life, and feeling outrage and betrayal at a God who would create a world in which nothing seems to work […]

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Rita Loyd

How do you like to ground? Rita Loyd’s list

Rita Loyd is a professional water-color artist and writer. The message of her work is about the healing power of unconditional self-love. A lovely little list from artist Rita Loyd, who makes beautiful and heart warming spiritual artwork at Have a look at her webbie, for uplifting and nourishing and inspirational paintings :- ). […]

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aromatherapy oils for grounding

Essential oils for grounding

Ahhh, essential oils. So good. There’s a shortish list of things that people typically use aromatherapy oils for. Relaxation is probably top of that list, followed by sensuality, and rehabilitation. But you can absolutely (pun intended) use oils for almost any purpose you can imagine. From manifesting to spiritual therapy, the plant kingdom is here […]

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apothecary bottles

Essences for grounding

This is a follow up to my blog post using essences for grounding. Please read it first if you aren’t familiar with the world of vibrational medicine- I introduce what essences are, how to use them, and what the difference is between homeopathic remedies and essences. I don’t want to plaigerise from myself by copying […]

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