How do you like to ground? Rita Loyd’s list

Rita Loyd is a professional water-color artist and writer. The message of her work is about the healing power of unconditional self-love.

A lovely little list from artist Rita Loyd, who makes beautiful and heart warming spiritual artwork at

Have a look at her webbie, for uplifting and nourishing and inspirational paintings :- ).


“Here is a list i made today of what i think helps people to ground.

  • Take a walk
  • Rub feet
  • Visualize rooting into the earth
  • Visualize blanket of earth over shoulders
  • Visualize putting spirit back into body
  • Walk barefoot
  • Gardening
  • Dig in the earth
  • Drumming?
  • Earth is grounding
  • Eat grounding food, such as green vegetables.
  • Drink spiralina
  • Deep and gentle tummy breathing
  • Keep a grounding stone in your pocket

I cant wait to add more to my list!”

I love your list, Rita :-)

How do you like to ground?

Healing from the earth by Rita Loyd

I’d add one more to the list, which is to look at and feel the vibration of beautiful, earthy, loving pictures such as this piece by Rita, “Healing from the earth”.

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