Upcoming grounding drum baths (winter ’14)

I’ll be giving a few healing drum baths this winter, to which anyone who wants to come, can come :-)
They’re like microcosms of my grounding workshops, although they’re purely experiential, no theory (except wee bits of teaching that I squeeze in sneakily with the excersices!)
They involve movement through dance and bioenergetics excersices, to free energy up in the pelvis, feet and legs – this prepares the foundation for the energy/shamanic healing bit.
They involve massage, essential oils and vibrational essences, to infuse energetic nourishment into our systems, and also help us receive the healing.
And they involve a drum bath – I play a shamanic drum and tone for the group, I don’t tend to give a guided journey, but it’s usual that a shamanic healing unfolds for everyone. High vibrational (yet earthy) energies and beings come through and support everyone present, and I’m usually guided to give individual healing to everyone who comes. For some that’s a very light piece, such as gently honouring and recognising them, without doing any ‘work’ on them as such. For others, it’s involved and quite deep, and is comparable to an individual healing session.


The dates of the upcoming events are:

13th October
31st October (special Samhain event, with ancestral healing and honouring)
8th December

Booking in advance is always recommended.

Hope to see you there, you are welcome! :-)

london drum baths flyer winter 2014

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