Visualisations for grounding: yay or nay?


Sorry folks, if you’re big fans of the ol’ visualising..! I’ll explain myself a little.

So – there are two reasons why visualising is meant to work, for grounding, or anything:

1) “Energy flows where attention goes”.
2) The idea that visualising kinda ‘creates’ things, spiritually speaking. That it makes things happen. In this case, it’s the idea that having the image of grounding roots will cause grounding roots to appear (or uncurl).

So far so good. But, as with all life, there’s more to it than that ! It’s the complicating factors which make visualising a not-so-great tool for grounding…

1) “Energy flows where attention goes”

The flow of energy in the body and aura is rarely balanced: it’s restricted by various patterns, resistances and blocks. They’re the reason why people find grounding difficult. We need to do more than turning on the faucet, and hoping the block in the pipe will resolve itself.

It won’t – we need to use some elbow grease, and possibly that flexible bendy drain python thing!

2) The idea that thought creates spiritual form

What’s being alluded to here is the power of manifestation, the creative power of the human being. And yes, the mind and imagination are an access point to that creative power. But they aren’t the power itself.

What’s “meant” to happen (this is my own understanding of the topic – feel free to make up your own mind!) is that the visualisation is a stepping stone between the ordinary waking ‘self’ and the broader universal ‘Self’. It’s the larger Self that manifests. The smaller self just wants stuff, mostly :-). It’s the smaller self that visualises. A mental image becomes a beacon, or template, for higher energies to coalesce around. In practice, we often misconstrue the visualised image as being the only step, instead of a being ‘merely’ a creative signpost. Life force, flow this way.

Another way of saying this: It’s really easy to get lost in the level of thought/mind/mental action when doing visualisations. Our energy swells at the head, the mental level of the aura glows a little bit brighter. But what’s wanted, for energy to travel down the legs and grow the roots, isn’t what happens, because we’re busy thinking, instead of consciously directing energy downward. The conscious circulation of energy requires intention, not visualisation. (there’s of course some overlap, which is where lots of people do well with visualising :-) )

And, as with the energy + attention thing, it’s still necessary to work with the blocks to grounding: the fear, the resistance, the mixed feelings about humanity, etc.

So what can we do, that does fully work?

Move your body. Stomp your feet. Dance! But dance downard, with gravity; don’t do the tippy-toes bouncing kinda dance that’s like trying to reach for the stars. Have grounding healings. Take up a chi gong or tai chi or yoga practice. Do gardening, or spend lots of time in nature. Play some African drum music. Do core energetics or bio energetics. Engage your grounding issues (more about them later!) with healing and therapy.

By the way – I do sometimes use grounding visualisations. Don’t tell anyone! But they’re the cherry on the icing of the cake, the finishing touch of a deep, involved process. They aren’t the process itself.

With much love, Justin

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