Deep Grounding: 7 sessions


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Product Description

Sometimes our traumas and wounding run deep, and what we need is ongoing support for a period of time, to gently and loving hold and support us as we unfold our inner petals and drop deeply into our beings, to find the lost pieces of ourselves, and heal the broken pieces, and bring in new learning.

I myself have benefited greatly from sustained and regular sessions with my healers – and if you would like to explore Deep Grounding, I would love to offer this service to you too.

What’s on offer?

  • Six one hour sessions held over six weeks, and one thirty minute integration session 2-3 weeks after the sixth session.
  • A bottle of custom blended vibration remedies (flower, crystal, animal and environmental essences) to support your healing, posted to you
  • Continual long distance healing and vibrational support and energetic blessing through my altar (I will place an avatar, a representation of you, on my altar, during this time)
  • Email support in between sessions

This is a powerful way of working, and creates a container for you to experience deep transformational shifts, a crucible to undergo deep healing in relation to grounding, as well as other aspects of your spiritual development.

During this 8-9 weeks you will:

  • Learn personal exercises and methods for grounding that are effective for you
  • Create a grounding regime that you can take with you and create a grounding practice with, the foundation of a spiritual path that will lead you inward and downward
  • Dissolve blocks and energetic restrictions from your system
  • Increase the amount of energy that flows in you
  • Deepen your relationship with the earth
  • Release cellular trauma that inhibits grounding
  • Harmonise your energetic pulsations with those of nature
  • Tap into and express more of your spiritual core
  • etc (and more, depending on what your needs are during this period)

Please note: while this is a powerful healing cycle, it is not definitive. By that I mean, although there’ll be deep shifts and re-patternings, it isn’t a magic wand that will heal all of your wounds, enlighten all of your subconscious, and bring to completion all of your spiritual learning cycles. It’s part of a process, one cycle of an inwardly spiralling journey. My healing for grounding took me nearly 19 years. Yours needn’t take that long! I went through very long, deep, thorough trainings (of 10 years and counting) so that you don’t have to. And through these cycles of sessions, that’s one of the ways of me passing on my condensed learning, training and experience, as well as bringing to bear the ‘earth medicine’ that my soul has brought forth, the mixture of spiritual templates and energetic frequencies that help break up patterns of ungroundedness, and consciously invites the creation of new, healthy patterns of grounding.

If what I’m talking about appeals to you or excites you or calls to you – I welcome you to have these sessions, to walk this healing journey with me. If this sounds fabulous but you’re not sure about committing to 7 sessions, I invite you to have a single session to see if you like my way of working, if you’d like to have a healing relationship with me.

Everything from the single session page (the scope of individual sessions, how sessions are delivered, my availability, etc) is true for this Deep Grounding 7 session series.

Additional Information

Our Professional Agreement

I hold our healing relationship with respect, integrity and great care. Everything you share with me is confidential. Sometimes I discuss my experiences of sessions with my supervisor as part of my ongoing professional development, but in an anonymous way which does not identify you or share any confidential information about you. If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, please give a minimum of 48 hours notice. If less than 48 hours notice is given, you’ll receive a long distance healing instead of an in-person session. This also applies if you miss your session. You understand that this healing work is not a substitute for medical, psychiatric or psychotherapeutic help.