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It’s disheartening to feel that grounding is an uphill practice, that coming more into your body or connecting more to the earth is going against the grain of who you are.

Of course – that sense of swimming against the current isn’t who you you really are, not deep down – but it sure can feel that way.

But the baggage that we all carry in the form of traumas (especially birth trauma, but also past life trauma, and ancestral trauma) can mean we’ve grown up without a sense of being deeply grounded, or integrated in our physical bodies, or even that we belong and are welcome on earth. Combine that with a general lack of instruction and in-depth information about grounding in the spiritual communities, and we have a recipe for dissatisfaction and frustration around grounding.

This is where I hope to be of service.

Let’s have an hour session together over Skype or phone, dedicated to helping you ground more solidly, come into your body more fully, and incarnate more deeply. A mixture of:

  • exploration, to discover what emotional and energetic patterns may be blocking you from experiencing grounding and how you can engage in self-healing for grounding
  • training, to teach and coach you in effective ways of grounding your energy (and any additional processes that may be needed to complement that)
  • healing, through advanced energy work and shamanic healing practice, to release the deeply held traumas that inhibit grounding, to repair the energetic circuitry that connects you to earth, and gently ‘teach’ your system how to be grounded by infusing it with nourishing earth energy, and with the consciousness of the planet

This time is completely yours, and is tailored to what will help you most with grounding. It could focus on teaching you exercises and helping you create a grounding routine to strengthen your energy and help you ground at your own sustainable pace; it could focus on re-tooling your practice and applying your existing therapeutic skills so you can use your techniques (reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy, energy healing, etc) on yourself for your grounding; it could focus entirely on the energetic re-wiring and deep foundational healing that forms the foundation of healing for grounding.

Why might I be a good facilitator for this?


Justin LuriaHi! I’m Justin Luria, and I love helping people to reconcile the split they feel between their spiritual selves and the physical world, to help them feel safe and welcome with all of their sensitivity and gifts, to show up to life with joy, passion and purpose. In my life I’ve felt a distinct lack of that, and most of my 19 year self-healing and awakening journey has been about healing my disconnection from the earth, my lack of embodiment and alienation from my physical body, and my sense of not belonging. I wasn’t a naturally grounded person, but I’ve healed much of my ungroundedness, so that most of the time I feel and am appreciative of the earth’s support . I’ve walked the journey from unconsciously ungrounded to consciously grounded. Along the way, I’ve picked up, and have created, many effective ways to help people to incarnate more fully (which is what ungroundedness is really about: a resistance to fully ‘coming in’, to being here).


Session info

I’m available on weekends for Skype sessions, 8am – 9pm UK time (that’s midnight – 1pm West Coast USA, or 3am – 4pm East Coast USA, or 9am – 10pm central Europe). I’m sometimes available on weekday evenings (UK time), please get in touch to ask.

Skype is available from as a free download that allows free voice calls or video calls between computers that are connected to the internet.

What next?

When you’re ready, click the Add to Cart button at the top to order your session. Once it’s processed, email me with 3 different suggestions for session times/dates. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to confirm your time, or to suggest (or ask for) other times if none of those 3 are available.

You’re welcome to email me first before booking to check about availability, but booking is done through this page.

Let’s get grounded.

Additional Information

Our Professional Agreement

I hold our healing relationship with respect, integrity and great care. Everything you share with me is confidential. Sometimes I discuss my experiences of sessions with my supervisor as part of my ongoing professional development, but in an anonymous way which does not identify you or share any confidential information about you. If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, please give a minimum of 48 hours notice. If less than 48 hours notice is given, you’ll receive a long distance healing instead of an in-person session. This also applies if you miss your session. You understand that this healing work is not a substitute for medical, psychiatric or psychotherapeutic help.