If what I’m writing about speaks to you, and you’d like me to support you on the next steps of your healing journey, I would love to help.

Through learning to heal my own fear of being alive, and fear of grounding, I have developed an ‘earth medicine’. It’s the medicine that people need most when they are spiritually open but have difficulty simply being present and human- a condition common for many sensitive souls. I found my medicine with many years of self-search, exploration, experimentation, education, healing, development, and transformation. Now that I’ve found it, I use it to help other people resolve their existential ‘life, earth and humanity’ fear.

Along the way, I’ve learned some very sophisticated techniques in energy healing and energy therapy. But earth medicine (as I practice it) is very simple: it’s holding an invitation to walk gently on the earth, fully present, and fully human. I hold open a rainbow bridge from heaven to earth, which you are invited to walk down, to help you into your body and into your humanity.


How do I work with people?


I work over Skype, and I see people from my home in Perivale, west London. However we work, I hold the space for your healing lovingly and with respect. Sessions are confidential.

The sessions involve compassionate dialogue, energy work, shamanic drumming, sound healing, vibrational remedies, and sacred space holding. And coaching, in grounding.

I offer single sessions, but much prefer to see someone a few times, to see them through a healing cycle.

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