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Samhain drum bath and healing night to honour our ancestors

ALL ARE WELCOME to this celebration of life and its cycles, to this event of movement, massage, ceremony, shamanic drum bath, and group energy healing transmission.

As you may know, Halloween is based on the festival Samhain, which is a day of honouring and celebrating our ancestors (amongst other things). Letting ourselves be open to the love, wisdom and blessings of those who have gone before us gives us strength and support to move forward in life. To consciously welcome the assistance, support and blessings of our ancestors is a great boon, both for us, and for our ancestors, whom are always overjoyed that their love, wisdom and support be received by their descendants.

This event will include:

– movement, to help us raise our energy and awaken and enliven our bodies

– self-massage of our feet with aromatherapy oils, to ceremonially prepare ourselves to receive the blessings of our ancestors

– the use of essences (vibrational remedies) to infuse the lovely energies of nature into the space

– a drum bath meditation, for clearing old energy, and welcoming in new and fresh energy, and to help us connect to and receive and allow the love and inner resources of our ancestors to come through

– an energy healing transmission (through the drumming, and also afterwards in the silence)

Through the drumming everyone will receive individual healing from Justin, the power animals, ancestors and other high vibrational helpers who come to assist us on our journey of inner growth, healing and exploration.

Spaces are £15 in advance, book at www.meetup.com/London-Spiritual-Socials/events/209710962 or £20 on the door. However the number of spaces is limited, so please book to reserve your place.

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aromatherapy oils for grounding

Essential oils for grounding

Ahhh, essential oils. So good. There’s a shortish list of things that people typically use aromatherapy oils for. Relaxation is probably top of that list, followed by sensuality, and rehabilitation. But you can absolutely (pun intended) use oils for almost any purpose you can imagine. From manifesting to spiritual therapy, the plant kingdom is here […]

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Essences for grounding

This is a follow up to my blog post using essences for grounding. Please read it first if you aren’t familiar with the world of vibrational medicine- I introduce what essences are, how to use them, and what the difference is between homeopathic remedies and essences. I don’t want to plaigerise from myself by copying […]

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